Welcome to the 1080 Dance To Da Beyt Franchise Wikia

The 1080 franchise is a series of free games online with a rich lore. There is currently only one game fully released, with three on the way. With developer knowledge on the wiki's side, this is the ultimate source of knowledge for the best rhythm game - no, best of ANY game in all of spacetime!

UPDATE: The developers have cancelled work on the franchise.

ANOTHER UPDATE: The developers have decided to finish the games in cutscene form instead of leaving the story on a cliffhangar.

The games

Official Games

1 Greatest of Mysteries (Announced)
2 D-Money Meets CM (Announced)
3 1080 Takes It To Da Boardwalk (Announced)
4 1080 Dances To Da Beyt
5 1080 Takes It To Da Ghetto (Announced)
6 D-Money's Redemption (Announced)
7 DOGE Enters the Matrix (Announced)

Latest activity

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